Please give more children like Oliver the chance to shine this Christmas

Five-year-old Oliver is autistic and non-verbal. Today, one in 100 children in the UK have a diagnosis of autism.

Livability Victoria School’s Early Years programme is a lifeline for autistic children, like Oliver, providing a personalised curriculum including tailored support, therapies and sensory equipment. You can help more children like Oliver with your gift today.

Your gift today can change children’s lives.

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We still live in a world where people with disabilities face barriers to living the life they want to lead. One in five people live with a disability, and are less likely to live their fullest, most connected lives compared to people without disabilities.

Work with us to explore how you can support our work across our residential, rehabilitation and education services to support the people we care for.

If you would like to find out more about how you can support the work of Livability in your community, please email Salma Pandor, Community Partnerships Manager or call 07592 364939.

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