We strive to transform how people with disabilities connect with their communities. What makes life livable is never down to just one thing. It’s the sum of many things: from support to signposting; mobility to freedom; education to employment; and friendship to community.

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Livability Victoria School strike action

Strike action planned at Victoria school this March, the school remains open.

David finds his true calling

David has a personal experience of disability which eventually led him to the job he loves.

Run Bournemouth 2021

Stunning coastal views, crisp, clean air and the best of Bournemouth and Poole.

Spring News

Our carers are facing new challenges today. To support everyone who depends on our services, Livability’s care teams have shown tremendous courage, resilience and creativity this year. But with the pandemic ongoing, every day brings new challenges to make sure our residents stay motivated, happy, fulfilled and stimulated.

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