Our approach

To enable the people we support to make their own choices by co-producing care plans and service delivery options.

Person-centred, flexible approach

We know that everyone’s needs, and aspirations are different – that all sorts of things add up to living well. That’s why our approach puts the person we support at the centre of their care planning. We help individuals work out what their care needs are, choose the support they want and have control over their life.

Community connections that grow health and wellbeing

We work to create connections that help people thrive. Research shows that personal health and wellbeing does better when people enjoy supportive networks. We support the people that use our services to follow their interests and get involved with activities in their community.

Valuing people and working with strengths

We help people identify their strengths and their capabilities, rather than what they lack. This approach helps people make use of their existing skills, knowledge and relationships.

Supporting spirituality

Livability has a broad and inclusive Christian ethos. We support people of all faiths and none. We believe in the equality and unique value of every person, supporting them to discover and fulfil their potential.

A culture of learning and development

Livability strives to deliver services of the highest quality and constantly seeks to continuously improve through listening, reflection, learning and action.

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