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Careers with us

As a national disability charity, Livability is here to provide the best possible care and support to hundreds of people with disabilities across the UK. Our dedicated staff embrace a huge range of skills and experience, ranging from one-to-one care giving, professional therapies and educators to teams that support the national charity’s work and profile.

It takes a community of dedicated individuals, who work across Livability in a variety of areas, to support the people we serve including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Fundraising & Communications
  • Human resources
  • IT
  • And many more.

Care – Enabling support workers

Our enabling support workers are the heart and soul of Livability’s work, supporting people with a wide range of ages and abilities by providing outstanding care in a variety of living contexts. Staff in caring roles join Livability from different careers, backgrounds and experience, often with no previous experience in care work. Many comment that what they love about the job is the people they support and the fact that every day is different.


Based at our national office in Greenwich, the finance team keeps the organisation running, solvent and fiscally well-managed and compliant.


This busy team brings in vital support and donations for the charity, running a vibrant and creative mix of events on a national and local scale, campaigns to raise funds and disability awareness, and working with volunteers who make an essential contribution to Team Livability.


Sharing Livability’s story is at the heart of this team’s work, whether it’s in a media release, on our website or in marketing resources. Working in tandem with the fundraising and operations teams, communications gets the word out about how Livability is enabling people with a disability to enjoy a livable life.


Our IT team pride themselves on answering queries and sorting problems quickly, to ensure all teams can work and communicate efficiently.

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