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Spirit, determination, courage – it all adds up to the London Marathon

April 26 2024

As we draw a close on one of the most iconic and charitable long-distance running events in the world, we round-up what our runners and team thought of the experience. Find out what being a part of the TCS London Marathon is like and take a closer look at some of the memorable moments from this year’s event with Team Livability…

The TCS London Marathon draws participants and spectators from across the globe, and our team of 80 runners came together for an unforgettable day filled with sprit, perseverance community and determination – defining what the London Marathon is all about. Here are some testimonials from our runners this year…

Reece said:

‘It was a great day and I was so happy and proud to run for Livability again. I also wanted to say a massive thank you to Beth who also ran for Livability and saw me, 25 miles in and struggling, and gave me the encouragement to keep running the final mile and we crossed the line together which was a great feeling. She really helped me and I owe her a massive thank you for the time I got.’


Beth, the runner who was mentioned above, said:

‘A massive, massive thank you for allowing me to be part of such an incredible experience. Honestly the best day I have ever had and made it even more special to do it for such an incredible charity! I also caught up with Reece wearing a green Livability T-shirt at the last 2km, so we crossed the line together which was really special.’


‘It was so heart-warming to see you all at the cheering point during the run! It was a great experience and I loved every second of it even though I had a pain in my hip but I was determined to finish it all.’


‘The London Marathon was a fantastic experience and glad that I did my small part in helping in your very noble cause. Look forward to coming back soon. Keep up the good work.’


‘Thank you so much. It was an amazing experience yesterday. Thank you for giving me an opportunity like this. I am so happy Livability had a successful day. Hope the money can support disabled people as much as possible.’

Team Livability managed to raise an incredible £140k (and counting) for their efforts. This sum truly makes a huge difference to the lives of the people we support at Livability across all our services in adult care, education and rehabilitation.

Susan Davison, Head of Philanthropy, Partnerships & Events said:

‘The TCS London Marathon is our largest fundraising event and it brings in vital income to support our work with children and adults with disabilities. So far we have raised over £140k! Thank you so much to all the runners in Team Livability for the amazing effort each person put in to training for and taking part in this gruelling challenge! It’s an amazing achievement to complete this iconic event and we are so grateful for your support.’


As always at the TCS London Marathon, we’re left with a tapestry of stories, achievements, and shared experiences that continue to inspire and resonate future runners to support Livability’s work. From first-time runners to familiar faces, each step taken along the iconic route represents a triumph of the human spirit.

If you’re feeling inspired, register your interest for next year’s event here >

Get in touch Events@livability.org.uk |  Share your stories with us Communications@livability.org.uk

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