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What makes life livable is never down to just one thing – it’s the sum of many things. From friendship to fun; from companionship to community; from a great chat to a challenge overcome –

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‘I focus on who I am now’: Becki’s story

Graduate Becki’s life changed course abruptly when she underwent a massive brain bleed. She tells us about how she tackles life, with Livability’s support.

Paris Marathon 2024

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is now one of the biggest marathons in the world and perfectly combines a personal challenge with the chance to discover one of the world’s greatest cities.

Support autistic children today

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Mental health tips when fundraising

Look after your own mental health while you’re fundraising with these handy tips. These strategies will help you manage stress, maintain balance, and enhance your overall wellbeing. By prioritising your mental health, you can stay focused, energised, and more effective in achieving your fundraising goals.