Partner with us

Livability’s supporters play a vital role in breaking down barriers for people with disabilities in their communities.

We still live in a world where people with disabilities face barriers to living the life they want to lead.

One in five people live with a disability, and are less likely to live their fullest, most connected lives compared to people without disabilities. This is a matter for all of us – with only 17% of people born with their disability, the majority of people become disabled later in life. In fact, life can change in a split second for any of us.

Charitable trusts and foundations

Livability also partners with charitable trusts and foundations on projects that help to break down barriers for people with disabilities, enabling them to enjoy a full life of participation and inclusion.

We would like to thank, amongst many generous donors, Garfield Weston Foundation; The Hobson Charity; The Valentine Charitable Trust, The Alice Ellen Cooper Dean Charitable Foundation; The Thomson-Bree Charitable Trust; Talbot Village Trust, and Screwfix Foundation for their dedicated support which is transforming the lives of people with disabilities right now.

Corporate partnerships

Livability’s corporate partners play a vital role in breaking down barriers for people with disabilities in their communities and nationally. Together, our voices can bring about real change in people’s lives, as we strive for full equality, participation and inclusion to enrich our communities.

We believe a partnership is exactly that. We will listen and work with you to create a tailored relationship that helps breaks down barriers for people with disabilities, leading to full inclusion, and in a way that meets your goals and corporate social responsibility aims. Partnering with us is about much more than just raising money, it is about making real social change together.

Ways we can partner with you:

  • Charity of the year
  • Employee fundraising
  • Corporate donation
  • Employee volunteering at our Livability services
  • Strategic partnerships

Our current partner

We are very grateful to our partner who is working with us to transform the lives of people with disabilities: Grant Saw Solicitors.

With your support, Livability can be there for those who need it most. Contact Susan Davison, Community Fundraising Officer to discuss ways to partner with us, | 07766 133007

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