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Does your church want training and support in reaching out to your local neighbourhood? Do you want to tackle issues of isolation on your doorstep – and help people get more connected? Do you want resources and tools to deliver a church that is accessible and inclusive for disabled people?

Livability is a passionate advocate of the local church as a powerful agent for change. We provide a wide range of training, tools and resources that support churches make it all add up in their community. The Happiness Course, Dementia Friendly Church and Ability Sunday are all resources that Livability provides to churches and community groups across the UK.

More Than Welcome

More Than Welcome is a resource to inspire churches support the full participation of disabled people. Based on the idea of a journey that moves from welcome, to inclusion, to participation, the resource provides inspiration, tips and stories about creating a church where everyone belongs. Find out more about the report here.

The Happiness Course

The Happiness Course was developed by Livability to support churches and communities in having meaningful conversations about happiness and wellbeing. Livability trains people to become leaders to adapt it to their context and run the course in their community. Read more.

Ability Sunday

Ability Sunday is about running a day of inclusion and participation in your community, with special consideration for the needs of disabled people. Livability is inviting churches UK-wide to join together and mark out the September 9th 2018 for Ability Sunday. Read more about how you can get involved here.

Make a Meal of It

Make of Meal of It is a resource to inspire churches to connect with older people in their community. Community meals have grown in popularity. They provide great opportunities to connect with isolated people in your community. This resource gives you ideas and tips on how to run one in your area. Find out more here.

Lifting the Lid

Lifting the Lid is a six week Bible study course focused on faith and mental health. Created with small groups in mind, drawing on well-known Bible stories, it’s a free study resource to help churches explore the topics of emotional and mental wellbeing, using the Bible as a guide. Find out more here.

My Faith Matters

My Faith Matters is a resource that has been developed to support people living with dementia to maintain, reconnect with, and explore what brings meaning to their life. It contains a simple template designed to help the person living with dementia to record what matters to them in their faith journey. Find out more here.

Prayer Diary

Join with Livability in praying for the needs and aspirations of disabled and isolated people. Our Prayer Diary provides prayer pointers and inspiration throughout the year. Find out more and sign up here.

Life Together

Life Together is a Livability training course that equips your church to connect with your community. In five sessions delivered over ten weeks, our experienced facilitators help groups to bring together their personal experiences, community development practice and theological reflection. Find out more here.

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