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Annual Report: 2021-22

A message from Livability’s Chair

Welcome to the 2021/2022 Annual Report. This has been another difficult year for all in the care sector. We were emerging from Covid lockdowns towards the end of the year; however, in some ways the problems worsened, as we saw significant staff shortages emerging, resulting in limits on service users in care, and developing increased expensive agency use.

Through all this, I am immensely proud of all our staff at every level. The demands on them have been greater than ever.

For the first time recently, we are showing a net surplus. Our management team has made good progress on this – but there remains much to do, particularly coping with the increased agency costs. There is still an underlying operating loss in 2021/22, covered by property sales.

Livability was founded to do work that otherwise would not have been done. Today both our care and education services deliver care for children, young people and adults with disabilities to a depth and breadth that simply could not be done by the state.

John Robinson
Chair of Trustees

A message from Livability’s Chief Executive

If the previous year was a year like no other, this year set out for a replay. We were duped several times by the false dawn of potentially ‘normal’ living. This was coupled with the added complexity of different lockdown rules and different testing regimes for each area of business.

Challenges continued to be faced, including the compulsory termination of employment for our unvaccinated care staff. Societal change has been significant and the staffing crisis is in its sharpest focus in the care sector.

None of this, however, has dampened our spirits or reduced the quality of our carers and our educationists. Our greatest ‘normality’ is that we put each child, young person and adult at the heart of all we do and continue to do so each day.

Sally Chivers
Chief Executive

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