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Annual Report: 2020-21

A message from Livability’s Chair and Chief Executive Officer

After a year like no other, we present the Livability Annual Report for the year 2020-2021.

The first Coronavirus pandemic lockdown aligned itself with the beginning of the fiscal year, although there was nothing corporate about its continued tenure as the months ticked by.

Stakeholders and supporters can, however, be assured that the Livability responses to the pandemic were robust, sustained, and met the standards set out by the government that affect our services in England, Wales and in Northern Ireland. Staff rose to the challenges like never before and highlighted that the people we support are truly at the centre of all we do.

As populations retreated to remote spaces and hunkered down, our frontline workers dug deep to protect the children, young people and adults in their care.

In those first few weeks and months, Livability spent more than £400k on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), never to see it reimbursed. Like many charity organisations, we felt the need to set up an Emergency Appeal, unsure where the world was taking us, and anticipating the cancellation of our vital fundraising events.

If we take anything from the harsh realities of last year, it is that from adversity springs kindness and ingenuity; we saw this again and again, even at our lowest times. Ad hoc concerts, new ways of learning, gifts of PPE and scrubs, and staff willing to be redeployed to the area of greatest need. At the height of lockdown, some members of care staff temporarily ‘moved in’ with residents to lessen the risks to their collective health, all for the greater good.

We believe the founding fathers of Livability would be proud of our rallying response during ‘the year like no other’.

Kate Claire, Chair of Trustees and Sally Chivers, CEO

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