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‘Over the fence’ concert at Livability Treetops

April 23 2020

On Wednesday 22 April 2020, Livability Treetops held its first ‘Over the Fence’ concert with a performance by local artist Ed Talbot, singer for local covers band Loosen Up, who played an ensemble of modern and classic songs to care home residents on guitar with support from a portable amp.

Talbot, a regular performer at care homes around Essex, said: “I’m hating not being able to go out and perform to be honest, it’s a pleasure to play for the residents in the care home and their staff.”

Here at Livability, we work to change what is unlivable and help people tackle the barriers to create a livable life. Isolation is one of the barriers, with the enforced national lockdown and social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Livability colleagues have been working around the clock to ensure the health and safety of our disabled residents and staff. This also includes the mental health and wellbeing of our residents.

“Community engagement, mobility and accessibility make live livable to our residents,” said Treetops manager Mandy Nixon. “It was with that notion that we wanted to find ways to enable community engagement despite the lockdown and that would adhere to the social distance guidelines’

Call-outs on her personal Facebook account and on the ‘Colchesters anti loo roll brigade’ group quickly picked up interest. With considered logistical planning by Lee Ashcroft, Activity Coordinator and barbecue provided by Treetops cooks Pam Byfield and Carol Cook, the concert was held to the enjoyment of residents and staff.

‘Due to the success of the event, we hope to make this a more regular activity, with special guests performing for our residents ‘over the fence’ and indeed we welcome people to get in touch to offer their services for future events’ said Treetops manager Mandy Nixon.

This event was featured on BBC Essex. You can listen to the full interview with Lee Ashcroft and Emma Bullimore here or download here.


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