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Become a volunteer

Volunteering with Livability will be a rewarding experience. Importantly, it will make a difference to those we support and our frontline staff. There are lots of ways for you to help.

We recruit volunteers across these areas:

Virtual and service based: Activities

Are you ready to make a difference to the lives of the people that Livability supports? If you love arts and crafts or getting out and about, have oodles of creativity or fun ideas, and have some time to give back, then we’d love to hear from you. The role will include:

  • Speaking with the people we support and their staff teams to get to know them, the types of activities they like and exploring activities they would like to try.
  • Proactively running and assisting people we support with activities, within the service and accessing activities in the community.
  • Liaising with your Regional Resource Planner to ensure that activities run smoothly.

Service based: Chaplaincy

These roles have so much potential to enable people in social care settings to thrive, live well and enjoy their community. There are four distinct roles, with the intention to build a team of volunteers to support each service, rather than just a single chaplain.

  • Pastoral Care: supporting staff, people Livability supports and their families, and built around a ministry of presence. This role will include promoting wellbeing through individual and group activities. Building relationships will enable the chaplain to support in a crisis.
  • Access and advocacy: enabling people to remove disabling barriers so they can fully participate in community life. Spending time with people supported by Livability to understand the practical and attitudinal barriers in their community that inhibit them from living life to the full, and working out how things can change for the better.
  • Religious care: supporting the spiritual and religious lives of disabled people of all faiths. Working 1-1 to design spiritual care plans, supporting people to observe their faith and attend their faith community, and leading corporate prayer and worship where it is appropriate to the setting.
  • Community connections: enabling disabled people to live a full life in their community. Whether it’s finding volunteering opportunities, clubs and activity groups, or suitable job vacancies, this chaplain will get to know the skills and passions of people in their service and look out for ways they can connect locally.

Service based: Education

Across Livability Education we accept volunteers who are keen to engage with our students and take an active role. This could be out and about in the community, supporting learners with developing skills in pastimes such as swimming, cycling, or even fishing. If you have an interest that our students are involved in this is a great way to make a contribution.

In the classrooms we‘d love to hear from you if you have a musical or singing talent, if you love to read, enjoy arts and crafts or even if you are just happy to help with our day to day activities or perhaps at lunchtimes.

We also accept volunteers who may be keen to be more in the driving seat. If you have experience of driving a minibus we would be delighted to hear from you. There is a place for everyone and we provide training and support from day one.

Volunteer as a fundraiser

Join #teamLivability as a fundraiser. We’re looking for a range of people depending on where your interests lie. We have speaking opportunities as well as volunteer roles in events (both online and virtual) and much more. We are currently recruiting for:

  • Community ambassadors
  • Researchers

Ready to get in touch?

We would love to hear from you. If you are ready to apply for a volunteer role or you’d like to ask a question about an opportunity with #teamLivability, please fill out the form below or get in touch with us to discuss any ideas you have

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