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The power of community leaders acting together – Livability is part of the Poole Conversation

Livability is all about making connections happen for people and communities, but how does that work out in your town, and your street? ‘It all adds up’ is a concept at the heart of our work – but what does it look like in practice? People in Poole are showing what can be done, through …

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Marathons for the mind: Running the Tour de France in 70 Days

Peter Thompson completed an epic adventure last year, running an incredible 44 marathons in 44 European countries in 44 consecutive days. Now, it’s time for the next chapter. We’re thrilled to announce that on May 19th 2018 Peter will embark on his next jaw-dropping challenge; running the entire 2069 mile route of the Tour De …

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I blame my son, Barney, for putting me in this position

Martin Fletcher is one of the people running for Livability in the London Marathon this year. He shares his story. It is Sunday afternoon. I am lying full length on my sitting room sofa. I am reading an article in The Sunday Times magazine that says marathon running can cause arthritis, atrial fibrillation, kidney injury, …

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Independent living – why community connections matter to Darren

Darren loves the community where he lives. Being sociable wasn’t always his thing, he says – but using Livability’s independent living services has helped him to grow in confidence and independence. Darren uses Livability’s services in Llandudno for a couple of hours each day, to support him with the tasks involved with running his own …

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The power of legacy

Ever wondered what a legacy can achieve? Well in 2016-17, Livability received over £1.7 million from supporters who chose to include a gift in their Will to the charity. These precious gifts have a huge impact on the lives of disabled and vulnerable people – both now and long into the future. Livability supporter, Julia …

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What’s the one thing you wish the Church understood about mental health?

‘What one thing do you wish the Church understood about mental health?’ is a question Mat Ray – author of Livability’s Lifting the Lid – has asked people living with ill health. In this article Mat shares his inspiration and hopes for Livability’s new mental health resource for churches. Perfume and taboo breaking As I …

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Minister for loneliness is vital

Livability welcomes the announcement by Downing Street of the appointment of a new Minister for Loneliness yesterday. Tracey Crouch, MP for Chatham and Aylesford since 2010, has taken on the role and will work across political parties. The appointment will continue the work started by the late MP Jo Cox, through the Commission on Loneliness. …

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Let’s change the culture of our churches – by lifting the lid on mental health

David Primrose is a Social Responsibility Officer working in the Diocese of Lichfield. David talked to Livability about his involvement in the development of the new course ‘Lifting the Lid’ which aims to raise mental health awareness in churches. ’I remind everyone that those present on the course are people who are going to change …

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Livability launches new church Bible study resource to lift the lid on mental health

Livability – the disability charity that connects people to their communities – has launched ‘Lifting the Lid’ today. ‘Lifting the lid’ is intended to help churches engage with the mental health challenges faced by those in their communities. It’s a free Bible study resource to help explore the topics of emotional and mental well-being. It …

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Lifting the lid on mental health: A call to build churches that listen

One in four of us will live with mental ill health. Churches can be key spaces to develop understanding and a helpful response. Corin Pilling explores why it’s essential to build churches that listen and lift the lid on mental health.

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