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If my disabled son can run, then so can I!

Father Matt Sutton shares how his five-year-old son Jenson inspired him to take on his toughest running challenge yet – the London Marathon. Last year, Jenson, a student at Livability Victoria Education Centre, took part in his first 1km race, on Bournemouth Pier. Jenson has a chromosome disorder and had only recently learned to walk …

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Why ‘Active Support’ is so important – a care and support worker shares her day in the life

Why is social care a great career choice? We asked Livability Support Worker Louise about what she enjoys about her role, the merits of ‘active support’ and what a day in the life looks like for her. What’s your job at Livability? I’m a support worker at a residential care home for disabled adults. I’ve …

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Supporting disabled people in to employment with the North Wales Pioneer newspaper

Getting work can be a hard job, especially if you need to overcome disabling barriers or job scarcity. In Colwyn Bay, people with learning disabilities who use Livability’s day services are proving that everyone has something to contribute, if they are given the chance – and their work is helping to build a more connected …

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Natasha takes to the skies

Livability manager Natasha Coles took one of the charity’s key values – be courageous – to heart when she completed her first skydive recently. Natasha tells us why the sky’s the limit when it comes to raising funds for the people she supports. What do you do for Livability? I’m deputy manager at Livability Ashley …

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Loneliness, mental health & family breakdown – the top issues all churches face

Andy Parnham, Livability’s Community Engagement Wellbeing Advisor, explores a new survey revealing an increase in community engagement by churches in England. The challenges are great, but there’s plenty of research demonstrating that faith and church-going are good for our wellbeing. Livability can help churches address these issues through initiatives such as the Happiness Course – which is designed to focus on wellbeing and build community.

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Dementia and spirituality – we may forget but God remembers

Ruth Young explores the issue of spirituality and progressive cognitive conditions such as dementia, reminding us that this mystery is at the heart of our humanity. We also discover that, as far as Bible is concerned, God is faithful, sees what is hidden and stays close to us even when we have forgotten who we are or lost sight of him.

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The amazing 160 runners that are making it all add up with Livability at the London Marathon

The countdown has commenced for the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon – one of the world’s most celebrated and iconic of marathons. A day that draws more than 50,000 people together, to wheel, run or walk their way around this famous route. Whether it’s running to achieve a personal best, for the joy of it; …

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Open, enabling, inclusive and courageous – So what?

Livability’s charity awards in April will celebrate how staff and volunteers have lived out and displayed the charity’s values in their work. At times, values statements can feel a bit of an organisational ‘nice to have’ or a ‘well meaning sentiment’. How do they lift off the paper and in to real life? It’s not …

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Every day is different – A day in the life of a support worker and carer

Ever wondered what it takes to be a Support Worker with a disability charity? For Marita, working in social care means job satisfaction, variety – and dancing to the Spice Girls. Read a ‘day in the life’ about Marita, a Livability support worker in the East Midlands. Tell us about yourself I’m Marita, I have …

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I was born to cheer – Runners need volunteers too

The London Marathon is now less than 5 weeks away, but for many, the thrill lies in the day itself, rather than running. We catch up with Danielle Banham who will be returning to volunteer at Livability’s cheer point again this year. What’s your connection with Livability? ‘I previously worked for Livability when I lived …

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