A Christmas Poem


A Christmas poem from our poet in residence, by Michelle Andrea Baptiste:


Christmas songs playing on the Alexa

as we put decorations on this gigantic Xmas tree🌲

Matthew makes a Christmas joke

We all laugh as the lights are hung on the tree

and the baubles reflect our laughing faces.

More trees are waiting to be decorated

In each of our own flats.

We are all looking forward to the Christmas party.

Oh the girl residents’ hairstyles!

make up!

painted nails!

looking gorgeous on the day

The guy residents have on their best suits

Looking very handsome as Oliver takes our pictures.

And Patrick has on a new Christmas jumper!


We always know when the Christmas party is here.

Judith is always frantically running around the kitchen

with a Pot or a pan listening to Christmas songs as she cooks.

The food is always good,

DJ Shaz working on her Christmas mixes

and Tasha’s wrapping raffles prizes.

Father Dominic will be in to pray before the meal.


It is going to be a very special one for all of us

Because finally

Our family and friends are coming into the building

to celebrate at the Christmas party

🎊 fabulous

Merry Christmas to everybody at Livability.



Getting there