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Time to get sporty! Skiing fun and boxing fitness at Livability John Grooms Court

February 16 2017


Livability John Grooms Court in Norfolk are always looking for ways to engage people in exciting new sports.

The team are running a well-established boxing club, where residents train with a top-notch personal trainer to learn all the professional boxing moves and skills.

‘The boxing club is growing in popularity all the time’ – Susan Hampson

‘Boxing is a great way to get fit, improve hand-eye co-ordination and promote physical and mental well being,’ says support worker Susan Hampson. ‘The sessions at the Livability John Grooms Court boxing club are no exception and the club is growing in popularity all the time.’

Now the service has started up a new skiing club. Launched at the beginning of the year, it is a winner with residents with five already signed up. Held at the Norwich Ski Club, this amazing ski centre offers adapted ski sessions and a range of accessible equipment to enable skiing – from ‘ski carts’, for those who are unable to steer themselves, to ‘sit skis’ which are a seated skis with hand controls. They also have an army of volunteers who are available to ski alongside visitors.


Amie was one of the first to join the Livability John Grooms skiing club and is totally in love with the whole experience. ‘Amie uses a ‘ski cart’ and really loves the freedom of skiing, the speed and adrenaline rush,’ Susan told us.

Taking part in his first ski lesson yesterday, another resident, Lee, was a real natural. Classed as a standing skier, and supported by instructors, he skied right from the very top of the nursery slope to the astonishment of everyone. ‘The instructors were amazed as this never usually happens,’ said Susan. ‘He is proving to be a right little Alberto Tomba!’

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