The Greenbelt countdown

August 21 2017


We know that what makes life livable is never down to just one thing. It’s the sum of many things. So as one of Greenbelt’s event partners, Livability is delighted to be bringing a number of activities to the festival that aim to helping people make it all add up in their community.

Here’s a quick outline of what we’ll be up to and what to watch out for. Make sure you come and join in!

Come and meet the team

We’re a friendly bunch. So if you want to know more about Livability, come and meet the team at the Livability tent at any time during the weekend. Our ‘It all adds up’ message has seen us refresh our charity’s identity – so look out for our tent in this new look. It’s green by the way! If you fancy meeting the entire Livability crew then don’t miss our special get together on Saturday lunch time. We’ll be having some snacks and light refreshments and chilling out on our deck chairs. Starts at 1.00 p.m.!

Join us a communion that celebrates everyone’s gifts

Livability is delighted to be supporting Greenbelt’s communion service on the Sunday of the festival. With a special focus on accessibility and inclusion, join us with thousands for a mass celebration of community that sees everyone bringing their strengths, gifts and needs together.

Mat Ray, Livability’s Head of Church Partnerships said: ‘Livability is thrilled to be part of Greenbelt’s communion service. As an organisation, we love helping people connect with their communities. We work with churches to help them become more open and welcoming to all, particularly disabled and isolated people, so it’s fantastic to support Greenbelt as they create an inclusive communion. My hope is that Greenbelters will catch the vision and consider how they can transform open the doors of their churches and local communities.’

Give an accessible bible to someone that really needs it!

Launched earlier this year, Livability has partnered with Biblica and Urban Saints and Torches Trust in the development of the world’s first NIrV Accessible Edition of the Bible. We’re proud to announce that attendees at Greenbelt will be able to buy a copy of Livability’s own version of it and if you choose – gift one to someone else.

The Accessible Bible is a major tool in helping churches be more inclusive for disabled people. It can be used by anyone, but has been designed in such a way to be more accessible to readers with learning disabilities or moderate sight loss. It features illustrations, a specially designed clear font in 16pt, single column-format and helpful navigation.

You can come to the Livability tent, or go to the shop at Greenbelt for full information on how to get one.

Sign the ‘it all adds up pledge’

Take the ‘It all adds up’ pledge. It’s part of Livability’s campaign to encourage people to get together, make connections and to say goodbye to social isolation.

Inspired by the New Economics Foundation ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ Livability is encouraging everyone to do one or more of the five things as a way of creating connections in their community.

So whether it’s by helping friends, family, neighbours, or churches think about how they could use the five ways for the common good. Connect, get active, be mindful, learn or give – what will you do to make it all add up?

‘Together and with’ – our selfie frame

Making it all add up in your community can only work when everyone gets involved. Working together and with the people we support (or that support us!) is a massive part of what makes Livability tick. So why not take part in our mass selfie frame and share your commitment to connecting people on social media?

Learn a song

One of the vital ways to help people connect is through accessible communication. This year, Livability will be helping the entire Greenbelt community learn a worship song in Makaton sign language, as part of the communion service. If you’d like to join in with learning and teaching this to others, come and chat to us at the Livability stand during the weekend and we’ll loop you in on a rehearsal.

A Spirited Neighbourhood: Connecting church and community– Monday seminar at Treehouse

As well as supporting the communion service – Livability will be running a large workshop in Greenbelt’s Treehouse venue on Monday at 11 am – to help people explore ways to connect with their community by placing collaboration at the centre. Run by our Community Engagement team, our experts in church and community work will share your tips on how to make it all add up in your community.

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