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Tailored Training to Help Your Church Become Dementia-Friendly

January 29 2015


Livability has recently developed an innovative 4-day Dementia Friendly Church Training programme.

This training programme forms one element of our ongoing initiative to equip churches with the knowledge and practical tools needed to respond to the challenge of dementia and its impact in our communities.

We partnered with the Diocese of Blackburn to pilot the course, which saw 25 participants sharing their experiences and committing to a local response. The course focuses on supporting churches seeking to welcome and include people with dementia, and enable them to make collaborative links with local agencies such as the Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Action Alliance to create a ‘Dementia Friendly Community’.  As churches are central to many communities, we see them as having a unique contribution to people with dementia and their family carers.

The focus of the programme is to equip churches seeking to make changes that support its ‘Dementia Friendliness’.  The course takes people through a range of topics that include basic information about how dementia affects people and their families, dementia friendly worship and prayer, and ensuring that church buildings are accessible to people with dementia. The programme is underpinned by a distinctive Christian basis for developing Dementia Friendly Churches, and facilitates Christian insights about what it means to be ‘Dementia Friendly’.

As we evaluate feedback, we look forward to seeing how the programme has given churches in the Diocese of Blackburn insights and skills that will support its mission to people with dementia and their carers. We are particularly looking forward to seeing practical initiatives that have arisen out of the training and hearing how people with dementia have been supported by Dementia Friendly Churches.  The training programme is open to all Christian denominations and we are seeking key partners to extend the training offer over the next 6 months. Will your church network be the next to respond? More information at:  info@livability.org.uk

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