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Seasonal Self Care – summer wellbeing, a time to reflect and connect

July 31 2018


Feeling hot, hot, hot? Read Livability’s guide to seasonal self-care and how you can take time to reflect and connect.

With longer days and lighter evenings, school holidays and warmer weather, summer is the season to slow down, take time out, and get away from it all. August in particular is sometimes considered the month when ‘everyone is away’.

But depending on the chapter of life we are living, a care-free, lazy summer of picnics and strolls in the countryside and barbecues at the seaside might not be the reality at all. We may be incredibly busy, have more on our plate than usual, juggling work and childcare, holiday clubs or trips, as well as caring responsibilities.

Five ways to wellbeing?

Whatever is going on, we all need to take time out and look after our own wellbeing. Inspired by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) five ways to wellbeing, Livability suggests that there are five attitudes and actions we would all benefit from tuning in to. These ways are:


How ever your summer is shaping up, why not take some time out to consider each of these ways to wellbeing in turn, and consider which of them you most need to make time for this summer?

Follow these steps to help you plan for better self-care:

  1. As a first step, make a note of examples of the five ways to wellbeing you have enjoyed in the past, and particularly things that you may be more able to do in the summer months. Spending time with friends outdoors, going for a jog before work to make the most of lighter mornings, or going for a stroll before it gets dark in the evening.
  2. When you have written a few examples – see if you can think of at least three for each category.
  3. Mark next to each of these when you last enjoyed these.
  4. Lastly, circle one example from each of the ways to wellbeing, and decide to commit to doing this at some point this month.

Looking for inspiration? Here’s a list that all adds up to better wellbeing

Plan a day trip; enjoy a cup of tea outside; make lemonade; buy a colourful houseplant; hang the laundry to dry outside; hang some bunting; grow herbs from seed; cloud spot; bird spot; try a summer recipe; collect shells; look through some old holiday photos; print and frame a holiday photo; watch the sunrise; watch the sunset; have a digital detox; send a postcard even if you are in your hometown; go foraging for summer fruit; go open air swimming; read a collection of short stories; listen to some favourite music; try a new flavour ice cream; potter round a farmers’ market and buy some local seasonal produce; press flowers; have a picnic in a local park; go to bed while it’s still light; or simply watch the world go by.


And as the leaves start to turn from green to gold to brown, and summer turns to autumn, why not think afresh about what you particularly enjoy about this time of the year, and how you can ensure that self care is always in season?

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