Running to the Horizon

May 14 2021

As we round up Mental Health Awareness Week, we speak to Livability Horizons support worker and long distance runner, Edgar, who is inspired by the young people with disabilities he works with. Edgar, says “I’m not the hero” as he chats to us about his training and wellbeing for his extraordinary challenge on 25 May, running 100km in 24-hours.

Where do you work?

At Livability Horizons in Poole, supporting young adults with disabilities as they transition into adult life. And we provide respite care too.

What challenge are you taking on?

I’m running 100k in 24 hours on 25 May, as a fundraiser for Livability. I’m doing several circuits around the Poole and Bournemouth area. The money will go towards trips out when we can, sensory toys and a party when we can invite families in again.

That is quite some run!

It’s certainly the longest run I’ve ever done! To date, my longest run has been 63k as part of the training for this run. It’s been a hard three months’ training. I run two or three hours a day, every day. It’s about being able to take the stress and have the mindset to keep going, as well as the fitness.

Does running and keeping fit affect your wellbeing?

It really does! In 2015 I had depression after playing for a semi-pro football team in Finland didn’t work out. Actually, I nearly took my own life back then. But I started to run and got really into fitness and from that moment, it helped improve my wellbeing. That, and my Livability job at Horizons.

Your Wellbeing Journal

Whilst you’re here – In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, Livability has launched a new Wellbeing Journal and a daily wellbeing email directly to inboxes. You can sign up for the journal and emails at any time. Sign up here

What part does the job play?

Well, I’m doing one challenge with this run but the guys I support face challenges every day, from the moment they get up to when they go to bed. Even the simple things we take for granted – it might be eating or drinking, or doing their teeth. They are my heroes.

Do you pass on your exercise passion to the young people you work with?

Yes, one guy we support likes to work out. People comment on the difference in him when he’s exercised.

So are the Horizons crew going to be out cheering for you?

Yes, in the first circuit they’re going to be waiting for me in the car park with doughnuts, and then when I do more circuits, they’ll be there out there to cheer me. I top up with drinks and snacks at 20, 50 and 70k and will have eaten a lot of carbs in the days before the run!


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