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Responsible Reform report criticises government DLA consultation

January 9 2012

wheelchairThe Responsible Reform report, launched on 9th January 2012,  scrutinizes  the  government’s consultation on, and its implementing of,  the  Disability Allowance  (DLA) reform.

Written with input from disabled people, the report is largely critical and its main findings include:

  • Concerns at how the Government conducted the consultation
  • Worries that although a large majority of disabled people are against the planned cuts and changes, their views are being ignored
  • Use of potentially misleading figures when reporting on the number of DLA claimants
  • A lack of transparency: plans for cutbacks on DLA were only made public once disabled people requested them under the freedom of information act
  • Failure to consider fully the impact the reform will have on disabled people’s welfare
  • A reminder that 99% of respondents object to the DLA no longer being used as a qualification for other benefits.

To access the full responsible reform report Responsible Reform Report


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