Lifting the lid

Lifting the Lid is a six week Bible study course focused on faith and mental health. Created with small groups in mind, drawing on well-known Bible stories, it’s a free study resource to help churches explore the topics of emotional and mental wellbeing, using the Bible as a guide.

Why do Bible studies on mental health?

One in four of us will have a diagnosable mental health condition in our lifetime. Even in the healthiest community, there can be a lot at stake in opening up about mental health. People can sometimes be wary of sharing their experiences, or feel that only those with visible difficulties are in need of support. Opening up positive discussions can be challenging, but churches can play a key role in lifting the lid on mental health, by creating spaces that listen and welcome.

How does the pack help churches?

  • Explore and learn about a specific area of mental health each week, to understand needs, causes and treatments.
  • Shares Bible perspectives on mental health: Using well-known Bible stories, the pack explores how God treats those who feel exhausted, rejected, hopeless or heartbroken.
  • Gives practical ideas for support: Churches can’t provide professional medical advice or services. But there is much churches can do provide practical support and create a place of welcome and inclusion.


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