Together for good

Together for Good is a Bible study course designed to resource churches take a community approach to wellbeing. Wellbeing is the basis for good mental health. It is the learning and practices that help us flourish together.

The course invites us to see that growing wellbeing isn’t just an individual practice, but also a call to a way of living as a community. The material aims to challenge the notion that being happy might be something unworthy of our attention; but instead should be at the heart of who we are.

Why do the course? Growing supportive communities

Churches play a vital role in supporting people live well and being happy.This course is all about seeing our wellbeing as a community responsibility and strengthening our approach together. The course helps churches grow a shared approach to wellbeing and happiness, helping us to look at the choices we can make to help build stronger connections that can benefit us all. When people are part of a supportive community, with good connections, their wellbeing can thrive.

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