Annual Report: 2019-20

It is a pleasure to present the Livability Annual Report for the year 2019-2020. If there is nothing so constant as change, then this year has been a very significant example of it.

As regular supporters will know, Livability works alongside people with disabilities in three ways. First, in our special education School and College, second in our Adult Social Care Services and thirdly in our Rehabilitation Services. The scholars, students, clients and people we support reach us through a variety of means and with a wide range of disabilities, some physical and some intellectual. Once with Livability though, there is one thing they all share – choice: choice about how to live a life that adds up for them.

From finance to philanthropy and from enabling support worker to safeguarding lead, everyone in the charity places the person we support at the centre of his or her work. This year there has been no let-up in the level of true endeavour from staff and volunteers, as you will read in the pages that follow. volunteers, as you will read in the pages that follow.

Please be assured of our continued gratitude and huge appreciation of all who support
us in prayer and action.


Sally Chivers,


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