Our work in Scotland

Livability supports churches in Scotland to become welcoming and inclusive environments for people with learning disabilities, through offering advice and training.

Scottish Development Team

The Scottish Development team meet 3 or 4 times a year to decide on the direction of the work in Scotland. There are around 10 people on the Scottish Development Team including some people with learning disabilities.

Penny Shackleton
Chairperson of the Scottish Development Team

Ivy Blair
Mission Development Coordinator for Scotland

Trish Archbald
Assistant Mission Development Coodinator for Scotland

Contact us on 07827 939 520, or email us here

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Our Guild partnership: All Friends Together

Prospects in Scotland is delighted to announce that we have been chosen as one of the Church of Scotland Guild’s partner projects 2015-18.

Friends are important to us all – our friendship with Jesus first and then friendships with other people. We especially love the warmth and depth of friendship with other Christians – it is very special. People with learning disabilities want to have friends – often they have no real friends outside of their family or those staff who are paid to support them. In these times of budget cuts people with learning disabilities are becoming more isolated and lonely as they have less opportunity to socialise.

This project aims to help church members and people with learning disabilities to build friendships – first with Jesus and then with each other.

We very much welcome the prayer support from the Guild members.

What have we done so far?

  • Ivy, Joyce and Ann spoke at the launch of the projects on 23rd April in Edinburgh
  • We held a training day on 27th June 2015 for our 12 speakers who will be visiting Guilds to talk about the projects
  • 90 Guilds have invited us to speak at their meetings across Scotland from September 2015–April 2016. We have been able to accept all the invitations and look forward to making friends with Guild members
  • with financial support from the Guild we know that we can offer Prospects groups and churches continuing advice, training and information to keep our core work going.
  • volunteers including those with learning disabilities to give talks to churches and groups.
  • by producing a training pack for churches about welcoming people with learning disabilities and telling them the Gospel message in a way they will understand.
  • with funds to enable adults with learning disabilities to attend Prospects in Scotland national events – often they have to pay for themselves and a carer and many cannot afford that at present . We will offer a subsidy to those who need it.
  • enabling the Mission Development Coordinator to travel to the more remote parts of Scotland – often this is costly but ensures that we offer equality of service around Scotland.
  • helping with travel costs for individuals with learning disabilities to come to our events from the more remote parts of Scotland.
  • doubling the number of church groups for people with learning disabilities (22 groups partnered with Prospects at present).
  • more resources means more people and more time to help more people with learning disabilities and church members to build new friendships with each other and with Jesus.

Charity store

Prospects in Scotland run a very successful charity shop in Tollcross Road, Glasgow. The main aim is to offer a Christian outreach to a poor part of the city but the shop also brings in considerable funding to support Prospects in Scotland.

Customers in the shop can buy clothes and other bits and pieces at reasonable prices. Volunteers always make time to spend with people who come into the shop and want to talk.

A big thank you to all our volunteers at the charity shop.