'Busy Bees 7' by student at Livability Victoria School

About the artwork

These busy bees are hovering over a bubble wrap honey filled hive. The students use switch operated scissors to cut the bubble wrap. They dipped it into paint and used it to print the honeycomb. Students used a switch operated fan to make tissue paper wings ‘fly’ across paper, where they landed delicate bees were created using finger prints. We created the artwork whilst listening to ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’. The students chose media from a selection. We used egg boxes, honeycomb, ribbon, cotton wool, toilet rolls, tissue paper, glue, paint and we had lots of fun.

Please note: our students have taken their creations home to keep, this piece of artwork is a print of the original artwork.

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About the artist

I am a student in Green Island Class at Livability Victoria School, in Poole. We have 6 pupils in class all aged between 16 and 19. We all have proufound and multiple learning difficulties.