'Busy Bees 2' by student at Livability Victoria School

About the artwork

Bubble wrap stamps were used with contrasting colours to create this impressive bee hive. A student chose scrunchie paper and worked with a ‘hand over hand’ technique to form and paint a 3D queen bee. We created the artwork whilst listening to ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’. The students chose media from a selection. We used egg boxes, honeycomb, ribbon, cotton wool, toilet rolls, tissue paper, glue, paint and we had lots of fun.

Please note: our students have taken their creations home to keep, this piece of artwork is a print of the original artwork.

About the artist

I am a student in Green Island Class at Livability Victoria School, in Poole. We have 6 pupils in class all aged between 16 and 19. We all have proufound and multiple learning difficulties.