'Nikki Massarella 3 of 4' by Nikki Massarella

About the artwork

My design incorporates four pieces.  They can be displayed as single pictures or as a set of two, three or four. I have always loved the fact that bees are an enigma.  Physically they should not be able to fly, but they do it anyway.

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About the artist

Nikki worked at Poole Pottery for nearly 40 years.  She worked with many designers including Janice Tchelenko, Fenella Mallalieu and Tony Morris. Nikki went on to become a designer in her own right and has designed many one-offs and tableware and giftware ranges.  These included a design for the V & A and  ‘Precious’, a finalist in the Elle design awards.  Nikki designed a bee range for the pottery, with one-off pieces selling around the world.

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