'Bee On Sunflower' by Marilyn Carter

About the artwork

I wanted to fill as much of the paper with the head of the flower, as sunflowers have large centres. I used watercolour paints. To make it stand out, I painted the background darker in blue. I grow sunflowers annually in my garden and know that bees love them. They stand tall and proud. They provide the birds with food once flowering is over with their large head of seeds. Sunflowers make me smile.

About the artist

Marilyn moved to Swanage in retirement, where she wanted to make friends so joined local groups and clubs. The Art Workshop group gave her the chance to learn new skills. She started with pencil sketches and moved on to using watercolour paints. She realised that it was fun, interesting, and absorbing. Marilyn is pleased with her results, enjoys the challenge and improves with each new art project.