'Pollinate I' by Hayley Potter MA RCA

About the artwork

In England there are many plants that are celebrated for their symbolism and stories: in ancient times they were considered to be magical.  I like to think that plants that attract pollinators inspire everyday magic and we all have a responsibility to look after these creatures and to help them thrive.  This collection of postcards is painted from life in my garden and from the little films I create whilst walking. The medium is ink on watercolour paper.

This postcard has gone to a new home

About the artist

Hayley Potter is a British artist and writer, working and living on the beautiful south-west coast of England.  She trained at several prestigious institutions, including the Royal College of Art, and her work is held in collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum. ‘My work is informed and inspired by the wild, folklore, the magic of the everyday and the stories that give us a unique sense of ownership over the land and spaces we visit,’ says Hayley. ‘My most recent self-initiated work explores how image-making, writing and ceramics can cohabit to communicate narratives and ideas about women in nature and the folklore of plants and animals, as they relate to symbols of self-realisation and transformation.’

www.hayleypotter.co.uk  IG @hayley_potter_studio