Staff awards 2022 nominations

Thank you for taking the time to vote for a colleague in the Livability staff awards.

The categories are:

  1. Outstanding achievement award
  2. Team award
  3. Amazing contribution award
  4. Outstanding volunteer award
  5. Long service award
  6. Service Improvement award
  7. Outstanding Leader award

All nominations will need to provide evidence of how the nominated staff member has displayed all Livability’s values. Any nominations that do not meet this criteria will not be shortlisted.

Our values

A reminder of our values:


  • We are warm-hearted, straightforward and honest
  • We create opportunities
  • We accept feedback and learn from each other


  • We give everyone an opportunity to grow and flourish
  • We empower people
  • We make things possible for people


  • We break down barriers for people
  • We value everyone equally
  • We want everyone to be treated fairly and be part of a community


  • We speak up when we see something is wrong
  • We overcome barriers and make things better for others
  • We hold ourselves accountable for the difference we make


Any nominated staff members or teams that are going through a formal process when nominated will not be eligible for shortlisting. This also applies to members of staff who are working their notice period at the time of the nomination deadline.
Staff who are on long-term leave, for example maternity leave, are still eligible to be nominated for an award.


If you require this form in a different form for accessibility purposes, please contact

Or if you’d prefer, you can download and complete the nomination form and forward on to:

Download nomination form