Shortlisted for the Pride of Britain Awards - 44 Marathons Man Pete Thompson

Holton Lee, Dorset – January 18, 2017 :

Pete Thompson – the man that raised awareness for mental health by running an impressive 44 marathons in 44 consecutive days in 44 countries – is being considered for a prestigious Pride of Britain award as ‘Fundraiser of the year’.

Pete has been nominated for the award from his region and has joined a shortlist of four others from the area.

Running in support of the work of Livability and Mind, Pete’s ‘Marathons for the Mind’ adventure started on the 1st April 2017. It involved a grueling but inspiring ‘self-set’ marathon challenge that saw him visit every European country. As a result of his amazing efforts he has raised a staggering £20,000+ for the charities.

The Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards in partnership with TSB “celebrate the achievements of truly remarkable people who make our world a better place”. Screened on ITV in the autumn, it is the biggest awards show of its kind on British TV. Nominated by the public, the winners are from all walks of life, of all ages, and from all over the country.

Since the first Pride of Britain in 1999, royalty, prime ministers, and hundreds of leading figures from showbusiness, sport, politics and the arts have all taken part. Hosted by Carol Vorderman, the Awards attract an audience of around five million viewers every year in a primetime slot on ITV – making it the highest rated awards show of its kind on British television.

About Pete’s challenge

Pete began his challenge to raise awareness for Mental Health. One of the projects that inspired him is Livability’s Flourish Project in Dorset. A wellbeing discovery centre, it provides a wide range of support including woodland and horticultural therapy projects for disabled people and people living with mental illness.

When he started the challenge he said: ‘In terms of my own experiences of mental health I have had many friends and family members who have and who still suffer from, a variety of mental health conditions. I have seen how debilitating this can be, and how frustrating it can be to see services stretched and the right support often extremely hard to come by.’

About the shortlisting process

A short film about the challenge and charities is likely to be on ITV Meridian news on Tuesday 17th October. The winner will then be decided at the end of that week and go to the live show with the chance of winning the overall award on the night. The 2017 Pride of Britain Awards will be screened on ITV in the autumn.

Appreciating Pete

Janet Miles, Head of Communications and Campaigns at Livability said: ‘Our charity is so proud and inspired by Pete’s heroic efforts! Pete embarked upon each marathon, with real dedication, hope and a positive attitude. Not only did Pete have to cover 26.2 miles each day. He also had to make it to some form of transport (plane, train or automobile) in order to reach the next European country, for the next day’s marathon.

Pete has displayed immense physical ability – but also great organisational and logistics planning to make it all a reality. We are delighted that he chose to support Livability. The funds he has raised are incredible and will help Livability’s work to tackle the isolation that mental illness can cause. We hope that everyone will back him for this amazing award.’

Neil Stevens from Livability’s Holton Lee centre said: ‘We are delighted that Pete chose to support Livability by attempting this amazing challenge. Livability is a charity that is passionate about tackling barriers that can cause people to be isolated. We know that growing awareness for and supporting people with mental illness is an essential part of this.

Through our work at Livability’s Flourish project, we put this in to action – creating a place of well being, community and inclusion through the horticulture and woodland projects we run. We are proud that through such projects we are seeing people who live with mental illness report improved levels of well being and social connection. We’re really humbled that Peter has chosen such a challenging way in which to help promote this vital and important work.’

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