Remember a Charity Week 2019

Livability are marking Remember a Charity Week from the 9th to the 15th September 2019 by asking people to pass on something wonderful and leave a gift to Livability in their Will.

For over 100 years gifts in Wills have been helping us to continue running our services that support disabled people. Gifts in Wills are currently bringing in over half of our fundraising income and so continue to play a crucial role in helping us support people to live their fullest lives for years to come.

They help us continue to run our range of services to suit people with a variety of needs. This includes 32 residential care homes, rehabilitation centres for brain and spinal injuries and education centres for disabled students and much more. They also enable us to continue our work with the church to encourage social inclusion and community projects that support disabled people.

Pass on something wonderful

This year’s Remember A Charity Week is the perfect opportunity to have conversations with our supporters about leaving a gift in their Will. Gifts in Wills are so important to Livability, and the people we support, as they mean we can continue to provide care to those who need it in our communities.

This year’s campaign uses nostalgia and humour to bust some of the biggest myths associated with gifts in Wills and show that it’s something everyone can do.  The content is inspired by the 1970s, and invites you to ‘Pass on something wonderful’ by leaving a gift in your Will.  With backing from Len Goodman the campaign aims to show how “marve-lous” leaving a gift in your will can be.

Strictly come Jane

Jane, who lives at Livability Brookside, a residential care home in Edgware, fulfilled a long-held dream earlier this year – meeting ex Strictly Come Dancing Judge Len Goodman.

Jane met Len at a photoshoot to promote leaving a Gift in your Will to Livability, as part of the campaign. Jane is a big fan and watches the show every week, so when we offered her the opportunity to meet Len she was absolutely delighted.

Jane has cerebral palsy and has lived at Livability Brookside care home for three years. The team at Livability Brookside support Jane to spend time doing her favourite things, and they have been delighted to see her exploring everything from bingo outings to yoga!

These gifts really do help us to support people like Jane and mean we can carry on continue running our services long into the future.

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The impact your gift can have

Gifts in Wills can have an immense impact on the lives of people we support. Jenson, was a friendly, smiley little baby, but he wasn’t crawling or walking like other one year olds. When he was three and still not walking, his parents were told to start looking for a specialist school for Jenson. Jenson started at Livability Victoria School, a school for disabled children.

Emily, Jensons mother says she will never forget the day she walked into Jenson’s classroom and there were six therapists standing in a circle around him: ‘he was walking between one therapist and another, as they clapped and cheered him on. I immediately welled up. Those were his first ever steps without a walker’.

Jenson is six now, and has achieved so many firsts since starting at VEC. He’s learned to swim, he’s communicating, playing and he’s even taken part in races! ‘If you think where he’s come from – not walking at all – to where he is now… that’s the difference donations could make today’ said Emily.

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A powerful legacy

A generous gift left in the parents Will of Livability resident Rhiannon is a vital contribution to ensure that we can continue to tackle barriers disabled people face.

When Mr and Mrs Gwilliam moved to Wales they wanted to find a care home that would look after their daughter Rhiannon. Rhiannon has a learning disability and they wanted her to have the specialist support she needed to thrive.

Thankfully they found Livability Birchwood, a care home in Conway, and Rhiannon has been living here happily for over 20 years.

Catherine, Rhiannon’s sister spoke to us about an amazing legacy that her parents chose to leave in their Will to support our work and told us they’d wanted their gift to support other people like Rhiannon in the years to come.

Livability Birchwood is just one of 32 care homes we run that provides nursing care and residential support to those in need. The staff at Livability Birchwood work with Rhiannon to help her enjoy a full and independent life and Catherine is thankful for the support that’s there.

Jane Percy, Livability’s Director of Operations, oversees the work in our care homes nationally and told us:

‘We’re incredibly grateful to Mr and Mrs Gwilliam for remembering us in their Will. By leaving this amazing gift they are truly leaving a powerful legacy that will support future generations in the years to come’.

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