Our work adds up

At Livability, we are proud of our outstanding workforce #teamlivability – and we strive to be an outstanding employer. Our charity offers jobs ranging from disability care to special education, rehabilitation, HR, admin and many other roles – in our services around the UK and in our national London office.

We believe that the people we support have the right to a full and flourishing life. We work to put the things in place that all add up to living well. What makes #teamlivabity a unique community to be part of comes down to these simple things, we are:

• Passionate
• Community-minded
• Dedicated
• Talented

We asked some of our colleagues to tell us how they feel about working at Livability, read what they’ve said below:


Tosin a deputy manager at one of our residential care homes in North London said:

‘What makes me really happy in my work is when I enable someone I support to achieve something. This can be everyday things – I’m tech obsessed and I’m always looking into different tech solutions for our residents – or big adventures. One of our residents had a lifelong dream to go to New York. He faced a lot of barriers – overcoming nerves from a bad travel experience, going to a completely new environment as someone who is partially sighted and needs disabled toilet facilities. I went to support him, including pushing his chair for hours in the heat! I believe in breaking those barriers. I work for Livability because it has the same ethos about caring for people that I have.’


Anna is a qualified horticultural therapist and leads our Flourish programme at our wellbeing discovery centre Livability Holton Lee, she said:

‘Everybody is valued as part of the Flourish community. At Flourish, inclusivity means enabling people to actively and meaningfully participate in the project and in the wider community. This involves getting to know people, their interests, aspirations and skills, as everybody has something that they can share with others. We support wellbeing as a way of building resilience so that people can engage with their community and live a life that they value.’ Read more about Anna here.


Wendy a support worker said:

‘You get to know people – you see the person and not the wheelchair. We try to encourage people in a positive way without pushing them. I work with one lady who at first just wanted to lie in bed and refused to do anything. It’s a long, long process but now she’s lost a considerable amount of weight, she will use the wheelchair and some days she gets her confidence back again. It gives me a lot of job satisfaction.’ Read more about Wendy here.


Sandra is a residential care home manager, speaking about support worker Saskia:

‘Saskia began a career in care with Livability a few years ago. She loves her job because, in her words, she enjoys “giving something back to the guys here”. Saskia, who herself has a form of autism, is a particularly talented carer.’ Read more about Saskia here.

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