Livability’s Victoria Education Centre receives an adaptive tricycle designed for...

Bournemouth based recruitment agency Holt Recruitment has donated an adaptive tricycle for children with physical disabilities to Victoria Education Centre – Livability’s school for disabled young people, in Poole.

The tricycle has been specially designed for children who have significant mobility issues. With special features such as a supportive backrest, a low transfer step, a variety of handlebars, and puncture-proof wheels, the Rifton Adaptive Trike can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

Students can experience independence and the opportunity to feel the changes in speed and freedom that standard cycling offers.

Simon Brown, Head Teacher at VEC, commented:

“We really value and appreciate the support we are receiving from Holt Recruitment. VEC is proud of its fantastic facilities. However, it is through the generosity of people such as Stuart and his company that we continue to ensure we have the most up-to-date and suitable facilities to aid our students to achieve their maximum potential.”

All students have physical disabilities or complex medical conditions and many have additional needs including communication difficulties, learning difficulties and sensory impairments. The school aims to be a centre where successful learning and high levels of achievement prepare children and young adults for fulfilling future lives.

The tricycle is not only a fun, leisure activity but also has great medical and health benefits.

The tricycle is not only a fun, leisure activity but also has great medical and health benefits.

Director of Holt Recruitment, Stuart Holt, said:

“We are extremely pleased to have donated this wonderful trike to VEC. We hope the children will really enjoy riding it. This is just one of a number of pieces of equipment we will be donating to Livability’s Victoria Education Centre as we aim to support the centre by providing various items to help their students on a regular basis.”

Physiotherapy is centrally important to many students’ physical well being at Victoria and strives to provide the best possible care. The tricycle is not only a fun, leisure activity but also has great medical and health benefits.

[blockquote cite=”” type=”left”]It helps strengthen lower body and legs, improve spatial awareness and co-ordination and can boost confidence and self-esteem.[/blockquote]

Ceri Vosper, Head of Therapies and Nursing at VEC said:

“One student has muscular dystrophy and is no longer able to walk. But the tricycle enables him to move freely under his own limb power, rather than passively sitting in a powered chair. Another student who suffers from cerebral palsy had not experienced the sensation of speed previously.

The concept of free movement is incredibly exciting for students who have very limited physical abilities, and offers not only a movement opportunity and the sense of varying speeds, but also fun!”

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