Livability’s Annual Review for 2015-2016

Livability’s Annual Review and Annual Report for 2015-2016 is now published. The review celebrates highlights and achievements of the charity’s work and shares stories from around the charity community.

About the Annual Review

‘Share Your Story’ is the theme of this year’s annual review. Told by the people we support, our donors, staff and volunteers, the review shares a number of stories about the work of the charity and the difference we make.

At Livability – stories are really important. Through stories, people can share life, develop connection and express aspiration.

But sometimes, stories can have the power to confine. For many of the people we support, society often tells a more limiting and restrictive story – about their value, prospects or opportunities – that make it harder for them to pursue all that they can be. Disabled people are often the most negatively impacted.

At Livability, we are committed to listening to and valuing people’s stories.

We work to help people live out the life story they want to lead – beyond the limitations of opportunities and attitudes that may seem too immediate or insurmountable.

We are pleased to deliver our Annual Review this year and profile the stories that offer hope, joy and a cause for celebration.

Share Your Story – a new film about listening to service user experience

Sharing stories is a powerful way of engaging people’s views. To this end, the charity has recently started to run a number of ‘Share Your Story’ workshops, to provide another route for service users to share their experiences with the charity. As part of our Annual Review focus on sharing stories, Livability have just published a new film about one of the workshops.

Our film ‘Share Your Story’ profiles people that live at Livability Bradbury Court – a residential service at Livability – sharing their views on community.

Get more information on how to Share Your Story with Livability here.

Download the 2015-16 reports from our online Annual Review area