Livability supports communion service at Greenbelt with a special focus on inclusion,...

Livability will support an accessible and inclusive communion service at this year’s Greenbelt

As one of the event partners of Greenbelt, Livability is delighted to be supporting the festival’s communion service on Sunday. Gathering thousands together, it will be a mass celebration of inclusion, community and everyone bringing their strengths, gifts and needs together.

In the words of Greenbelt: ‘Each of us gathered at Greenbelt reflects the whole image and character of God. If we allow anyone to be excluded, either by accident or thoughtlessness or prejudice, we will see God less clearly. The more we recognise our common humanity, the sharper our image of God will be.’

The Feeding of the Many Thousands?

The communion service will explore all sorts of routes to celebration, inclusion and accessibility. The Feeding of the Many Thousands will feature as a central story. It will be an opportunity to celebrate the unique gifts and talents that each person brings – and the potential of what can happen through the strength of community.

Greenbelt’s team say, ‘God simply does not recognise our categories of leaders and followers, haves and have-nots, children and adults, the able-bodied and the disabled. God invites us all to join the feast, asking “what will you bring?” And Christ the Multiplier takes what we bring and makes it more than enough.

Greenbelt continue: ‘With the help of festival partners Livability we will try to reflect that in this year’s communion service. Whether you meet in a Victorian church building or a field in Northamptonshire, putting this into practice is very challenging. Curating this year’s communion service has stretched all of us. We’ve been conscious all along that every idea, every word that seeks to include one person, risks excluding someone else. It’s going to be a wonderful service.’

Connecting people and tackling isolation

Mat Ray, Livability’s Head of Church Partnerships said: ‘At Livability – we are really pleased to be supporting such an exciting service and moment at Greenbelt. We are a charity that is committed to connecting people with their communities and ensuring that inclusion and a space of welcome is created for all. Being part of a service of this nature is going to be a great opportunity to consider the different ways in which we can reach out to others in our community and consider the needs of disabled and isolated people.’

‘We know that Greenbelt have worked really hard to ensure that they run an inclusive festival; a community where everyone counts. They have achieved a Gold Level on the Charter of Best Practice by Attitude is Everything for their commitment to improving access for deaf and disabled festival-goers at Greenbelt. The only other all age multi-arts festival with that level is Glastonbury! So we can’t wait to get involved in this year’s event.’

Get your free ticket – and join Livability in support of Greenbelt’s accessible communion service

In partnership with Greenbelt we are also working to support Greenbelt’s communion service – that’s focusing on inclusion, celebration and community. It’s going to be a place where everybody has something to bring. We welcome all impacted by disability to come and take part on Sunday 27th at Greenbelt:

  • Help us teach a song to everyone at the communion service using simple makaton symbols
  • Help us to welcome everybody who is coming and help support the service.
  • Greenbelt are offering a free ticket for the Sunday morning Communion Service to any disabled person interested in coming.

If you would like to come and volunteer for two hours of the service please contact for more details.

Don’t miss other work of Livability at Greenbelt this year

As well as supporting the communion service – Livability will be running a large workshop in Greenbelt’s Treetops venue on Monday at 11 am – to help people explore ways to connect with their community and reach out to marginalised people.

With kind permission: Andy Stonehouse, Greenbelt Photography