Join the journey for 2019

Welcome to 2019 everyone. A happy new year to you all. As the new year gets underway, we share a few ways to get involved with the Livability journey this year.

What will your wellbeing life sum be in 2019?

It’s easy to launch back in to usual routines, busy schedules and a variety of responsibilities and demands on life. But making a bit of time for self care and kindness is an important part of living well. In turn it also helps us to better support and care for one other, our community and our world.

That’s why Livability is sharing a new resource that invites people to consider their wellbeing and life sum for the year. Launched as part of our ‘it all adds up’ campaign, the resource helps people think about some very practical steps that they can take to create a wellbeing life sum that helps them thrive. Find out more about the pack here.

Get inspired – read the Life Sum of mental health campaigner Pete Thompson

Pete Thompson – a mental health campaigner, Livability supporter and Tour De France route runner shares his life sum. He says: ‘I mainly love to run. It’s my way to be mindful, to keep active and to get outside and to discover all the benefits that brings. It allows me to travel, to make connections with people and feel part of a wider community.’ You can read more of Pete’s life sum here.

Take up a sporting challenge

If you are looking for a way to keep fit and take on a physical challenge that makes a difference to the lives of others, why not sign up for one of Livability’s sport events this year? From ‘The Vitality Big Half’, ‘The North Tynesdide 10k Road Race’ and ‘The Great North Run’ we’ve got all sorts of ways you can raise your heart rate and money for a good cause. Find out more here.

Join the prayer journey for 2019

If you are part of a church community and want to support the work of Livability this year through prayer, why not download our Prayer Diary for 2019? Issued seasonally, the prayer diary provides weekly inspiration, news, services information and areas of our work that need support. By sharing this resource in your setting, you can grow awareness for the needs of disabled people. Sign up for alerts for prayer diary alerts here.

Take part in training or a campaign

Livability has a wealth of training offers for church and community groups. From how to support the participation of disabled people in church life; support with mental health awareness; running dementia inclusive church or considering how to grow happiness and wellbeing in your community, watch out for some training near you this year. Find out more here.

Considering a career change in 2019?

Considering a career in care? Want to join a committed and community minded work force that want to provide care that really adds up for others? Livability has a diverse portfolio of care and support roles across our services. Watch a film about working with Livability and how you can keep up to date with job alerts. Find out more here.

Share information about our services

Livability runs a wide range of care and disability services across the UK. If you know someone that is looking for support, visit our services finder, to see what’s on offer in your region.