Driving home for Christmas

We all love a heartwarming story at Christmas.

Mandy Nixon, who manages Livability Treetops high-dependency residential home, tells us: ‘I have a new maintenance man, Stewart, who has offered to work Christmas to take five of our residents home to their families for the day and pick them up later. None of them would have been able to get home without him working, as the cost of transport would be through the roof.’

Stewart, who joined the Treetops team earlier this year, has volunteered to give up his Christmas Day and drive a 250-mile round trip to drop the five people at their homes in Essex and Suffolk. This means that Kye, David, Teresa, Perry and Glenn can enjoy a precious day with their families. ‘It means the world to me to get home to spend time with my family, especially to be able to have some of my mum’s good cooking!’ says Kye.

‘Most people here can’t get home on Christmas Day because transport costs are prohibitive,’ says service manager Mandy Nixon. Stewart, who served in the British Army for 12 years, had been looking for work ‘for some time’ before he spotted the job at Treetops. ‘I love it,’ he says. ‘I get job satisfaction in a big way, working with the people we support.’ He adds: ‘It’s given me self-esteem as I’m able to help others.’

Stewart, who has three daughters and eight grandchildren, says he’s not planning on driving anywhere on Boxing Day!