Christmas, a story of unexpected welcome

This Christmas, Livability is proud to partner with Lifewords, an organisation that shares the message of the Bible around the world.

What do you expect this Christmas? The usual people, the usual food; the usual films on TV; the usual family arguments? Familiarity can bring a comfort with it, and with that, predictability.

The Christmas story is so familiar to us. No room at the inn, the stable, the shepherds – we have heard it so many times. It is all too easy to forget that it’s a story all about turning expectations upside down, of anything but the predictable.

We’re delighted to share OUTSIDE/IN:  A high quality booklet sharing the Christmas story which is produced by Lifewords. You can order it here, for free. It is perfect for introducing people to the surprising story of Jesus.

In addition, Livability have written a resource to accompany OUTSIDE/IN. Designed to be used in a church small group during this advent period, it’s a deeper reflection on the first Christmas. We’re encouraging groups to think about how they can be open to the unexpected. And particular, how God might be using those who find themselves on the edge to make all the difference. This way, we can all be part of living the story of expectations turned upside down.

In all our work, Livability seeks to give people the tools to create communities of inclusion and belonging. We love seeing everyone being given the opportunity to play their part and share their gifts. And perhaps that’s why the Christmas story is so exciting for us. It’s a story in which the poor become significant, the ordinary becomes important and the fearful become brave.

The Christmas story offers many examples of how expectations were turned upside down.  Consider the wise men, for example. They were on a long journey to meet a new-born king. So they went to the palace in the capital city. There they talked to the important people and the scholars. Reasonable expectations, perhaps, but wrong on every count. In fact Jesus was to be found in a stable, in an insignificant village, and the first people who knew about him were with low paid, uneducated shepherds.

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