Celebrating National Co-production Week

During National Co-production Week, which runs from the 1st – 5th July, we take a look at what how our services are celebrating. As an organisation we are committed to co-production and how we can increase opportunities for this in all we do. So how are we doing this?

True co-production is working with people from the start. This week’s national co-production week is led by SCIE and the theme is sharing power. SCIE talk about achieving more equal partnerships with people who use services and carers:

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”SCIE”]It is only when everyone’s contribution is valued equally and power is shared that meaningful co-production can happen. [/pullquote]

What is Livability doing to celebrate National Co-Production Week?

  • We are co-producing a charter to identify what the people we support want and can expect from Livability. This shares power from the start and recognises that the people who use our services are experts and are therefore best placed to help us write this.
  • During co-production week  Caroline Waugh, an expert in co-production, will help us with this work and will talk a bit more about co-production in our services and what this has meant for her.

This week, at our services:

  • Victoria Horticulture at Livability Victoria Education Centre are holding a session to look at the charter.
  • Livability York House Ossett are running a session with the people they support, Caroline Waugh will visit this service with our quality team.

Livability Brookside – in focus

Livability Brookside’s Activities coordinator, Richard Peel on how his approach makes life add up for the people we support.

Richard coordinates activities at Livability Brookside, our North London residential home for disabled adults. He talks about his co-productive approach, involving people from the start as equal partners – and the vibrant choice of activities for people who live at Brookside.

How would you describe your job?

I see my role as being here to help people self-activate. We’ve got regular events and activities that happen year round, and we’re working together and with the people we support, for new opportunities to engage with. I like seeing people develop their potential.

What kind of things do people want to do?

We have quite a mix – there’s yoga here twice a week, which is very popular; a local singing group people attend; local churches that people here belong to; disabled football at a really good local club; arts and crafts here with my colleague Kathrine, and of course all the regular things during the year that people enjoy, like trips to the seaside or Christmas shows. And there’s lots more!

What difference does Livability’s support make when it comes to being active and part of the community?

We’re enabling people to engage and enjoy life. We find out what people really want to do and then support them to make it happen. For instance, Lynn who lives here has loved swimming all her life. She’s blind and a wheelchair user and needs two people to support her to use the pool at the National Orthopaedic Hospital, which is quite close. But she couldn’t get funding to make this possible. It meant so much to her and her wellbeing, including a weight management programme, that we used our own resources to get Lynn swimming. Now the local authority has taken over funding this activity, so it’s sustainable for Lynn. That was quite a victory!

Why is your approach important to the people you support?

We want people to have access to opportunities to take part because it enhances their dignity and develops their potential – we enable them to build on the things they can or would like to do.

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