The beauty treatments that build community in Brackley

Today is Giving Tuesday – new Livability supporter, beauty therapist Chloe Allinson, tells us why she and her partner Jamie decided to give to Livability.

Chloe Allinson supports Livability through her beauty business

At this time of year, there are so many good causes to support – why did you choose Livability?

‘We’ve been living in Brackley for a short while, having moved up from London. We first heard about Livability through a Facebook post and when we asked around for recommendations for local charities that we could help this Christmas, and we looked in to Livability, we thought it was perfect. My partner Jamie popped in to speak to Livability staff at the Brackley centre, where Livability’s East Midlands service is based. They offer care and support services to people with a wide range of needs.’

Why was it important to you to get involved?

‘We wanted to help because we were talking about how much we both love Christmas and how it’s a time for family and togetherness. It got us thinking how unfair it was that there are people that don’t experience that. We wanted to find a way to help people who are isolated and alone at this time of year to feel more included and in the Christmas spirit. When we heard about a community Christmas lunch that Livability is organising, we felt this was exactly the sort of thing we wanted to contribute to – everyone deserves a Christmas lunch!’

You’ve linked your donations to your business?

‘Yes, £2 from every beauty treatment I give is being donated to Livability, from November 5th, when we first contacted you, up until December 14, so that you can plan ahead for the Christmas meal.’

Why do you think it’s important for a community like Brackley to organise events for people who might be lonely or isolated?

‘I think it’s important for every community to organise events like this as there are lonely people all over. It becomes even more important in a town like Brackley as we aren’t in the big city with tons of opportunities and things to do. We think it’s important for the small towns like Brackley to stick together and help each other.’

At Livability, we find that the strongest communities are inclusive communities. What do you think about that?

‘Yes, I believe that to be true. Since moving from the outskirts of London, we have felt such a wonderful community spirit in Brackley that we have never experienced before. People offering help to each other constantly, kindness in the street and people genuinely looking out for each other. It’s rare to find and Brackley boasts such a great community that is helped by having charities such as Livability that look out for absolutely everyone, regardless of circumstances.’

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