5 Christmas stocking fillers every marathon runner needs

Livability is proud to have over a great team of people running the Virgin London Marathon next year, in support of the charity. As December gets underway, every London marathon runner’s training plan will start to see the distances start to get longer. In this article, one of our runners shares her marathon training Christmas stocking filler ‘must haves’.

Running friendly food

It’s no secret that diet plays a big part in being race day ready but what can you do now? Why not ask for a runner’s cookbook like Run Fast East Slow and let the professionals help you eat your way to running readiness.

Carbohydrate gels

Gels are all important for keeping those energy levels up when you feel a drop. Take 1-3 of these per hour for a quick and effective release of carbohydrates that will help delay fatigue and improve your performance.

Foam rollers

Foam rollers are any runner’s best friend when it comes to post- run recovery. They don’t cost much and you can find them in all sorts of colours. Being quite large as well, they are quite literally the perfect stocking filler!

Key finders

I can safely say that I need one of these in my life, runner or not. I lose my possessions so much I’ve decided I just shouldn’t be allowed nice things. ‘Do you want me to ring it?’ unfortunately doesn’t work for anything that’s not a phone. When you’re pushed for time and you need to rack up those miles, a frenzied search is the last thing you want. That’s why a key finder will be top of my wish list this year. Just attach it to your keys, stick it to your wallet or even your running shoes and use your smartphone to ring your lost item. Voilà! Grab your things and get running!

Socks that you actually want

You may laugh about getting socks for Christmas but a few pairs of running socks will keep your feet happy when the rest of you might be internally screaming ‘why did I sign up to this?!’

Sponsorship as a stocking filler

There are a million and one other things you could ask for this Christmas and I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what gizmos and gadgets are out there. But this year, why not ask friends and family if they would like to sponsor your marathon as their Christmas present to you?

This way people can spend as much or as little as they want, knowing that their money will go directly to Livability to help tackle social isolation and connect people with their communities. I can promise you that no fancy Fitbit will motivate you to run more than the pride of fundraising for a good cause.

Francesca Williams – coordinates volunteering for Livability – is joining the running pack next year.

Find out about the Virgin London Marathon here.