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Mencap survey highlights negative impact of cuts

May 23 2012

According to a new report by Mencap, one in four adults with a learning disability now spends less than an hour a day outside their homes due to cuts to day services across the country.

Nearly a third of local authorities have closed their day services in the last three years, leaving many people with learning disabilities with nowhere to go. 57% of people with learning disabilities do not receive day care provision at all, a 9% rise from 2009/10.

In addition, many local authorities have increased charges for going to day services and restricted key areas like transport to the services. The survey also revealed that 88% of respondents feel they have been ignored with regards to the changes to day services, even though local authorities are legally obliged to consult service users when closure or significant changes to day services occur.

Families have also felt the pain, with some financially worse off after the changes, and some carers fearing they will have to give up work altogether to look after their child or family member. Meanwhile, professionals who work with learning disabilities have expressed their concerns over the negative impact cuts to day services could have, with a higher risk of neglect and abuse one of the possible consequences.

For more information on Mencap’s findings, visit here.

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