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Meet the people of Livability Maesbury Metals

July 23 2018

Photo: © 2018 David Levenson

“I made my girlfriend a special present. It’s a metal sign. I wrote her name on it – it was a surprise.” Gavin is one of the people that attends Maesbury Metals – a service that joined the Livability family this year. Find out what Gavin enjoys about being part of the metal works community – and how the service supports people learn new skills and grow in confidence.

Welcome to Maesbury Metals

Livability Maesbury Metals is a social enterprise which supports people in making connections, learning new skills and building pathways to employment. The 12-14 attendees at Maesbury gain skills in metalwork and woodwork from experienced support staff, through designing and producing products to sell to the public.

The team make metal planters, ornamental garden furniture and other bespoke decorative items. In woodwork, a variety of items are produced including storage solutions made from recycled pallets. Maesbury Metals provides a place for adults to get work experience and feel part of a community, while producing items of real value.

Gavin’s story

Livability Maesbury Metals is a social enterprise that supports people to create and sell bespoke products to the local community in Oswestry.

Meet Gavin – one of the people that takes part in Livability’s Maesbury Metals project.

“I do all sorts here, like polishing up, woodwork, making table tops. I keep busy. With support, I’ve learned new skills. It’s nice – I like making stuff. We get customers coming in here. I feel proud when they want something we have made.

I made my girlfriend Mary-Beth a special present. It’s a metal sign. I wrote her name on it – it was a surprise. It’s special, for her. We’ve been together 12 years.

I love Maesbury Metals. We work as a team here – I have lots of friends. Everything is good – the work, my friends and the staff are very, very good.

My dad passed away last year – I have a twin sister, Jane. I share a flat with Pete. On Sundays, I see my girlfriend and we watch TV and have a coffee. I like playing table tennis, badminton and going swimming.

I’d be lost if I didn’t have this place.”


Watch Gavin and his friends

Gavin’s story features in Livability’s film, in which he shares his story about the metal sign he made for his girlfriend’s birthday present. Watch Gavin at work and hear his story – in this film about Maesbury Metals and its sister project in Oswestry – The Corner Patch.






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