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Livability welcomes Archbishop of York’s comments on need for Church to do more to reach out to people

November 21 2013

Livability shares the view recently expressed by the Archbishop of York John Sentamu that the Church needs to do more to reach out as people are left “amid meaninglessness, anxiety and despair”.

The Archbishop shared his thoughts on Monday at the General Synod.

Livability created its “Happiness Course” for churches just so they could help people engage with an issue, well-being, that affects everyboThe Happiness Coursedy and to help bring people together and create stronger local communities.

The course uses the science of positive psychology to give people practical tools to improve their lives.

Mat Ray from Livability’s Community Engagement Team says: “The idea of ‘wellbeing’ is too often associated with a privileged lifestyle; people who have the money to buy organic food, the time to attend yoga classes, or the education to read books of philosophy. Christians believe that ‘life in all its fullness’ is on offer to everybody. That’s why we hope that this course is accessible, breaks down barriers and gives everybody the opportunity and support to improve their lives.”

Livability has run the course with dozens of churches, large and small, urban and rural and in the north and south of the country.

More information on the course can be found here

Livability also works in partnership with churches, including through its most recent initiative Churches Inc., which aims to alleviate social exclusion and enable disabled people to fully participate in a meaningful way in all aspects of church and community life.

More information about Churches Inc. can be found here 

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