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Livability Keefield supporters get wet and windy – all for a good cause

September 11 2018


Lee and Scott braved blisters and torrential rain when they undertook a three-day fundraising walk for Livability Keefield Close, raising an astounding £1,000.

The two men regularly support Steve, a Keefield resident, on adventurous day trips, including visits to Arsenal’s ground and the London Zoo, provided through Lee and Scott’s company, Learning and Support Services.

Livability Keefield Close is home to ten disabled adults and is very much part of the local community. When Lee and Scott heard Keefield wanted to raise £12,000 for a sensory bath, they wanted to help. Says Lee: ‘We’ve worked with Steve for years, and everyone was doing their bit – family, friends, local businesses – so we got involved.’

The pair planned a 60-mile trip, which started on Westminster Bridge and ended near Brighton. ‘Day 3 was the most challenging, because it absolutely poured down all day, and we were walking over some very boggy ground on the South Downs,’ Lee. says ‘Whilst the walk was very tough, we were really happy that we could help for such a fantastic cause. Keefield is a great home – the staff team there are great!’

The new sensory bath is designed to relax and soothe the severe muscle and joint pains which can be experienced by those living with particular conditions, and which can be exacerbated by wheelchair use. Offering a jacuzzi jet, aromatherapy, ambient lighting and music, it is a huge benefit to Keefield’s residents’ health and wellbeing.

Livability Keefield’s vibrant Friends Group has raised a huge chunk – around £9,000 – of the cash needed, with tireless fundraising over many months. Keefield manager Sandra Wilson speaks for everyone at Keefield when she says: ‘We very much appreciate all that these amazing supporters do to fundraise for us.’

Residents at Livability Keefield  present a thank you card to Lee & Scott on behalf of those that live there, staff and management for their immense contribution towards buying a new sensory bath for residents.

Find out more about Livability’s services width= here.



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