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Knitted Flower Pergola challenge

June 12 2013

Are you a keen knitter?  Would you like to make a real difference to the lives of disabled people?

National disability charity Livability is inviting you to help knit a 10 foot tall pergola which will have a wooden framework covered with knitted squares and hundreds of colourful flowers and leaves.

The project aim is to raise funds for Norwich residential care home John Grooms Court, Sprowston Road, Norwich, which is home to 29 young disabled adults.

The pergola will go on display at The Forum, Norwich, for Easter in 2014.

The official launch event for the Knitted Pergola Project will be at the Forum in Norwich on August 6th   at 10am.

The Friends of John Grooms Court who put this knitting challenge together are also the people behind the 15 foot Knitted Christmas Tree created in 2010 which was displayed in a variety of prestigious locations in Norwich and helped raise nearly £10,000.  After an overwhelming response, 600 knitters created over 4,600 green squares for leaves and nearly 2000 tree decorations to make the project a success. This year the Knitted Christmas tree will be on display at the Forum in Norwich again in December.

Ann Meijer, one of the Friends of John Grooms Court fundraisers whose daughter lives at John Grooms Court, said “We hope that many people will want to get involved in this new challenge. The funds we raise will make a real difference to the lives of local people with disabilities. Our Knitted Christmas Tree challenge received an incredible response and we really want to make sure that our new project is equally successful. ’’

People wanting to support the new challenge can now send knitting contributions to: The Knitted Flower Pergola, John Grooms Court, 215 Sprowston Road, Norwich, NR3 4HX. Any financial donations should be made payable to “the Friends of John Grooms Court, Norwich.”

For the pergola framework: People are asked to send in 6’’ and 12’’ squares in double knitting garter stitch in shades of brown (needles no.8/4mm).

For the decorations: Send in flowers, leaves, birds, butterflies and so on in double knitting or 4 ply.

For more information about the project contact Ann Meijer at annmeijer7@gmail.com.

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