Your church and Livability

Livability’s vision is summed up in one phrase – ‘Livable communities’.
Our dream is that up and down the country, neighbourhoods are transformed to be places of safety, of well-being, of love, of opportunity.

The Bible word for this is shalom – meaning wholeness and completeness. We believe that God calls us to be agents of shalom.

And key to this mission is the local church. No other organisation has grass-roots presence in every village, town and city. Local churches understand their neighbourhoods, they know their community’s strengths and its needs.

So from its very earliest days as a Victorian charity, Livability has supported local churches to reach out to their communities, to meet their needs and spread the shalom of Jesus.

Making churches inclusive

Livability works to develop livable communities – neighbourhoods where everyone is safe, respected and able to explore life to the full. The heart of a livable community is an inclusive church – a church that welcomes everybody.

God is passionate about accessibility. Indeed, Jesus’ whole ministry here on earth was to give humans the opportunity to access Holy God. So as we work to make church more accessible, we can be sure we’re doing God’s work.