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Prospects groups

At Livability, we love to see Sunday services full of all kinds of people from our neighbourhood – different ages, different ethnic and social backgrounds, and different abilities, all gathered together to worship God.

But as well as Sunday services, many churches hold meetings aimed at meeting the specific needs of adults with learning disabilities – with more accessible worship and teaching that is tailored to their abilities.

Livability supports over 200 groups around the country. Most are part of a local church, but in some towns a number of churches all work together, taking it in turns to host and lead a group.

The groups are all very different – as they reflect the needs of the group members, and the local context. Some groups meet on Sunday afternoons, some during the evenings and others meet for at lunchtime mid-week. Some groups are called Prospects, some are called Causeway, or a unique name they have chosen for themselves. Some groups eat together, some do craft activities. Most groups enjoy singing together and learning about Jesus.

Livability can help you to set up a group in your church. We hold regular training days, and write teaching and worship materials that you can use with a your group. We can also put you in touch with other groups nearby for support and encouragement.

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