Inclusion through art

October 16 2020

Historically, people with a disability have been excluded from aspects of society in different and often subtle ways. At Livability, we’re not content just to comply with the law on discrimination – we want to go much further. Organisations that wish to break down discriminatory barriers need to find creative ways to do so. On a 350-nature reserve in rural Dorset, Livability’s ecotherapy project, Flourish, has done just that.


[image] ‘Busy Bees’ by a student with disabilities from Livability Victoria School, featured on our Postcard Art Gallery.


The Flourish project was set up to improve the wellbeing of individuals living with a disability and mental health challenges,  ten years ago, and in that time has supported hundreds of individuals to flourish. This September, we launched our postcard art project, which aims to embrace and showcase equality through art.

Postcard-sized artwork from professional, amateur, disabled and non-disabled artists stand side by side equally. Every image tells a story about the artist, through their use of colour, form, tone and aesthetic and is valued equally, regardless who created it. In the same way, we value each contribution equally.

The project has been set up as a fundraiser to help the Flourish project regenerate, after having to shut down during lockdown. With diversity and equality at the centre, no one art piece stands above another and all have the same monetary value.

The gallery has now closed. If you’d like to donate to support future projects, you can do so here. For every donation, a contribution is made towards the longevity of the Flourish project and all those who attend.

Together we can take one step closer to a world where people living with a disability are valued equally.

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